Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the Adventures Continue!

It's been a long time in between Miss Bindergarten journal entries...

There have been some glitches along the way, but Miss B has overcome them all! At the end of last year I was sure she was gone forever. Between teacher's changing jobs, moving into new schools and classrooms, and the sometimes unreliable postal service she's had her share of adventures.

Sometimes some detective work was needed to locate her but in September she arrived back in my classroom safe and sound, her travel journal full of new places she was able to visit and new friends she's made.

I introduced her to my classroom's new cast of characters, then gently packed her up and sent her on her way, she's currently in Virginia and having a wonderful time I'm sure.

In addition to our World Traveling Miss Bindergarten, I purchased a Miss Bindergarten clone who lives in our classroom. This Miss Bindergarten travels with my students on the weekends, or when they travel to places far and wide...or sometimes just next door to grandma's house! This has been a fun way for my children to become more connected to Miss Bindergarten and by taking her home with them, gives them (and their mommies and daddies) some journal writing practice.

In the blog entries that follow I will be including some of her adventures with my kindergarten kids as well as those that are sent to me by the classrooms she's visiting. This has been a wonderful three-year  project that I hope has been a learning experience for not only my students but those of the schools she's visited. I know I've learned a lot too!

Stay tuned! More adventures to follow!

K is for Kindergarten

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