Sunday, January 15, 2012

My visit with William

November 18th

It's Friday and William took me to pick up his sister Elizabeth and we all got to dance around. All the kids played with me, then we left and went to Crosby's to get rolls. I'm hoping to have lots of fun tomorrow with William. We are going to the Science Museum in Boston!

November 19th

I had a good night's sleep next to William's bed in a little bed he made for me. We went to the Science Museum for a Girl Scout field trip and I got to see all of the animals behind the scenes. I was a little nervous when I had my picture taken with a Rainbow Boa! All of the animals were fascinating to see.
William took me to a space ship. We also saw an exhibit about animals and night and caves.
After the museum William brought me to watch his sister play soccer.

November 20th
William was not feeling well and did not get to play. I was sad but I hope he will feel better for school. He took two naps today! I had a lot of fun at William's house.

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