Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates Cinco de Mayo in Pinole CA!

Miss B and Ms Good's Kindergarten in Pinole, CA!

It sure felt good to get out of this box and stretch my legs!

Everyone loves Legos, even Miss Bindergarten!
Playing with Dolls!

Computer Lab is one of Miss B's favorite activities!

May 5th! Cinco de Mayo!

Yummy Quesadillas!
Making Mexican Purses!

Mexican Hat Dance!

Thank you for a wonderful time Miss Good's class! On to Pleasanton, CA!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss B visits Pleasant Grove, CA!

Miss B loves a good book!

It looks like Miss Bindergarten had a wonderful time in Ms. Tudor's kindergarten!
Wow! Check out that Crop Duster! Even though Miss B would prefer to sit INSIDE the airplane!
What great writing!

Wow! Those harvester's are HUGE!

Miss B even got a ride on Chrome!

Ms. Tudor, Miss B and some very cute Kids!

There's nothing like a cuddly place to sit!

Olivia is a very good teacher!

Thank you for a great time in Ms. Tudor's Kindergarten! On to Pinole, CA