Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miss B is Missing!

Hello Everyone,

Miss Bindergarten seems to have lost her way. She was last seen leaving Martinez, Georgia on her way to Citronelle, Alabama.

If anyone reading this knows Mary K. in Citronelle, please let her know Mrs. Collins' kindergarteners are looking for Miss B!

Thank you!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miss B in Tennessee (Hey! That Rhymes!)

Thank you first graders for a wonderful visit!
Where's Miss B? 
ahhh, fresh air and sunshine!
What excellent penmanship! Miss B is impressed!
Miss B's favorite activity...a good story!
Ms. Ellison's class sent me some great pictures of Miss Bindergarten in First Grade!
Miss B and The Native Americans

Calendar on The Smart Board! Don't you love just love technology?
Miss B does!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tennessee Fun Facts!

Tennessee is The Volunteer State! 

Tennesse's state bird is The Mockingbird.

The state animal is The Raccoon

Tennessee is home to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

This park is the most visited National Park in the United States. The park was named for the smoke-like bluish haze that often envelops these mountains.

There are 30 different species of salamanders that live in this park!

Tennessee is home to some very famous people including

Tennessee is home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers 

and Women's basketball coach Pat Summitt who led the Lady Volunteers to 8 NCAA titles!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miss B in New London, CT

Miss Bindergarten would like to thank Miss Lougee's class for a wonderful visit!

Next Stop...Knoxville, Tennessee!
Miss B was honored to pose for the official  class picture!

Miss B helps Ava with morning meeting!

Ella and Nathan help Miss B learn position words!

Miss B with Micaela and Librarian. Miss B always remembers to be quiet in the Library!

Miss B goes to the Library!

On the computer with Ariana.

Eating snack with Jasiah and Ashley. Oranges are full of vitamin C!

Jayra, Ava and Miss B play with Mr. Potato Head.

Danian and Miss B listen to a story together.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Trails!

Miss Bindergarten left Salem today, she's nice and cozy in her box and on her way to Ms. Lougee's kindergarten class in New London, CT.

We marked our map, said good-bye and sent her on her way!
Have fun Ms. Lougee's class. We can't wait for the pictures!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miss B visits Connecticut...The Constitution State!

Connecticut is one of the six New England states located on the East Coast of the United States.

The name Connecticut comes from the Native American Algonquin word "Quinatucquet" which meant, "Beside the long tidal river."

The Connecticut River is 407 miles long and runs from The Connecticut Lakes in northern New Hampshire along the border of New Hampshire and Vermont through Western Massachusetts and Central Connecticut and ends at Old Lyme, CT in to Long Island Sound.

The America Robin is Connecticut's state bird.

Connecticut's state flower is the Mountain Laurel.
And Connecticut is home to a very famous sailing ship, The Schooner Amistad

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miss B Travels...Again!

Introductions to the new children in the classroom are finished and as sad as she is to say good-bye, it's time for Miss Bindergarten to take off on a new adventure! A traveling teacher can only sit still for so long!
Her travel itinerary is almost complete and she hopes to get to a lot more classrooms full of bright, cheery not to mention adorable kindergarteners!
So Bon Voyage Miss B! We can't wait to follow you on your adventures!

Miss Bindergarten by Joseph Slate
Illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Friday, July 16, 2010

Miss Bindergarten...Life's a Beach!

Miss Bindergarten decided to take advantage of some beautiful weather and take a trip to the beach.
Good Harbor Beach is a beautiful beach, with nice soft sand and clear water. Good Harbor is located in Gloucester Massachusetts, and is our country's oldest seaport!

Miss B was packed up and ready to go, and was sure to bring her sunblock.

When we first arrived at the beach, it was cloudy and foggy, but because Miss Bindergarten always checks the weather before going anywhere, she was confident the fog would burn off and it would eventually be a beautiful beach day.

Miss B settled in to her favorite beach activity...reading! She loves to read books to her kindergarten children, but also likes to read grown up books like
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

Miss Bindergarten highly recommends it!

After reading for awhile Miss B decided to get creative!

Once the sun came out, Miss Bindergarten did a little boogie boarding, and had a little lunch. She was surprised at the rudeness of the seagulls, especially the one who took her bag of Sun Chips right out of her beach bag!
It turned out to be a beautiful day!

On the way home, Miss Bindergarten remembered to stay off the fragile dunes and take her trash with her, leaving only her paw prints!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss B comes home!

Miss B is happy to be home but wishes she could have made it to more kindergarten classrooms before the end of the school year! The turn over from classroom to classroom was a little slower than's just the way kindergarten goes!

She had a wonderful time visiting those classrooms she was able to visit and what a thrill and relief it was for my class to open her travel box and find that she was intact and her journal filled with adventures and pictures! All of you who were able to contribute this year went above and beyond!

It is my hope that I can send Miss B on another adventure starting again in September. We will pick up where we left off...first stop our Nation's Capital.

In the mean time Miss B will hang out here in Salem and take lots of pictures. Salem is a very exciting city and Miss Bindergarten is looking forward to sharing it with you!

Happy Summer!

Lisa and Miss Bindergarten! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates Cinco de Mayo in Pinole CA!

Miss B and Ms Good's Kindergarten in Pinole, CA!

It sure felt good to get out of this box and stretch my legs!

Everyone loves Legos, even Miss Bindergarten!
Playing with Dolls!

Computer Lab is one of Miss B's favorite activities!

May 5th! Cinco de Mayo!

Yummy Quesadillas!
Making Mexican Purses!

Mexican Hat Dance!

Thank you for a wonderful time Miss Good's class! On to Pleasanton, CA!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss B visits Pleasant Grove, CA!

Miss B loves a good book!

It looks like Miss Bindergarten had a wonderful time in Ms. Tudor's kindergarten!
Wow! Check out that Crop Duster! Even though Miss B would prefer to sit INSIDE the airplane!
What great writing!

Wow! Those harvester's are HUGE!

Miss B even got a ride on Chrome!

Ms. Tudor, Miss B and some very cute Kids!

There's nothing like a cuddly place to sit!

Olivia is a very good teacher!

Thank you for a great time in Ms. Tudor's Kindergarten! On to Pinole, CA