Friday, July 16, 2010

Miss Bindergarten...Life's a Beach!

Miss Bindergarten decided to take advantage of some beautiful weather and take a trip to the beach.
Good Harbor Beach is a beautiful beach, with nice soft sand and clear water. Good Harbor is located in Gloucester Massachusetts, and is our country's oldest seaport!

Miss B was packed up and ready to go, and was sure to bring her sunblock.

When we first arrived at the beach, it was cloudy and foggy, but because Miss Bindergarten always checks the weather before going anywhere, she was confident the fog would burn off and it would eventually be a beautiful beach day.

Miss B settled in to her favorite beach activity...reading! She loves to read books to her kindergarten children, but also likes to read grown up books like
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

Miss Bindergarten highly recommends it!

After reading for awhile Miss B decided to get creative!

Once the sun came out, Miss Bindergarten did a little boogie boarding, and had a little lunch. She was surprised at the rudeness of the seagulls, especially the one who took her bag of Sun Chips right out of her beach bag!
It turned out to be a beautiful day!

On the way home, Miss Bindergarten remembered to stay off the fragile dunes and take her trash with her, leaving only her paw prints!