Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun with Kate!

Tuesday, November 22

Wow! I get to stay with Kate for the extra long Thanksgiving weekend! After school today we went with Kate's brother to their swim lessons. After dinner we read before bedtime. I had fun reading about me! I also noticed something funny today...I look just like Kate's dog Lucy!

November 23rd

Today was very busy at Kate's house. They were preparing for Thanksgiving. Food was being prepared and tables were being set. I helped Jack and Kate make place cards for their guests. At dinner time we went to Kate's cousins house. I had lots of fun playing with her cousins. We played dress up and put on dance shows. They have lots of energy! I was very tired by the time we went home.

November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving! Kate's grandparents took us to visit Kate's aunt, uncle and great grandmother. After a short visit we came back to home for turkey! Kate's grandparents, aunt and uncle and godmother with her boyfriend all came over for dinner. I had a special place next to Kate at the table. Dinner was so yummy. Everyone had a great time!

November 25th
We had a relaxing day today after the busy holiday, we did some cleaning up and took Lucy for a walk. I got to feed the ducks at the pond. After an early dinner we went downtown to see the Christmas tree lighting. There was singing and the tree looked so pretty.

November 26th

Today was a very big day! Kate's parents surprised Kate and her brother and took us to see The Nutcracker in Boston! We drove over the bridges and through the tunnel which is always very exciting to Kate's brother. We saw the show at the beautiful Opera House. The dancing was so beautiful. Kate was very excited to see the show because she is going to be in The Nutcracker next month with her dance school. She's going to be a lamb and she got to see them in the show. We had M&M's  at intermission and we went to Bertucci's for pizza.

November 27th
Another relaxing day with Kate's family. We took Lucy out again. Taking care of a dog is a lot of work! Kate's dad took us to Winter Island to play on the playground. We met Kate's grandparents for dinner. Kate's grandfather is going on a trip tomorrow so we got to see him before he leaves.

Gordon, Kate's Elf on the Shelf also arrived back to the Duda house. Kate and her brother were very excited to see him again. It's been almost a year since he's been here. He told me Jack and Kate have been very good, so Santa will be pleased. I had a very busy week. It was lots of fun. I can't wait to see where I go next!

My visit with William

November 18th

It's Friday and William took me to pick up his sister Elizabeth and we all got to dance around. All the kids played with me, then we left and went to Crosby's to get rolls. I'm hoping to have lots of fun tomorrow with William. We are going to the Science Museum in Boston!

November 19th

I had a good night's sleep next to William's bed in a little bed he made for me. We went to the Science Museum for a Girl Scout field trip and I got to see all of the animals behind the scenes. I was a little nervous when I had my picture taken with a Rainbow Boa! All of the animals were fascinating to see.
William took me to a space ship. We also saw an exhibit about animals and night and caves.
After the museum William brought me to watch his sister play soccer.

November 20th
William was not feeling well and did not get to play. I was sad but I hope he will feel better for school. He took two naps today! I had a lot of fun at William's house.

Miss B visits with Rebecca!

Friday, November 11th, Veteran's Day

Rebecca's mom and brother are sick. So we did not get to go outside but we got to eat yummy pizza! I also got to know Rebecca's baby brother Andrew, he is cool and fun. We watched Wizard of Oz.

Saturday, November 12th

Rebecca is very excited! She tell me today we are to go and visit her cousins in Haverhill. Rebecca loves visiting her cousins Elvin and Rita they always have a wonderful time together. We got to play games, Wii, play around the house, outside by the lake (it's beautiful here!) And of course I got to meet and play with Rita's fluffy brown bunny. He is a boy bunny and his name is Love and we got to pet him and feed him carrots!

Miss B goes home with Emma!

November 4, 2011

On Friday I went to the Salem Train Station and then we went to BJ's because at Emma's house we had Finger Food Friday! We watched Cars 2. I slept with Emma.

November 5th
On Saturday we wnet to Gloucester and took my picture with the Gloucester Fisherman and then took my picture on the beach. We went to Emma's Auntie Mary and Auntil Bo's. I slept with Emma again.

November 6, 2011

Pam's house to Trick or Treat.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the Adventures Continue!

It's been a long time in between Miss Bindergarten journal entries...

There have been some glitches along the way, but Miss B has overcome them all! At the end of last year I was sure she was gone forever. Between teacher's changing jobs, moving into new schools and classrooms, and the sometimes unreliable postal service she's had her share of adventures.

Sometimes some detective work was needed to locate her but in September she arrived back in my classroom safe and sound, her travel journal full of new places she was able to visit and new friends she's made.

I introduced her to my classroom's new cast of characters, then gently packed her up and sent her on her way, she's currently in Virginia and having a wonderful time I'm sure.

In addition to our World Traveling Miss Bindergarten, I purchased a Miss Bindergarten clone who lives in our classroom. This Miss Bindergarten travels with my students on the weekends, or when they travel to places far and wide...or sometimes just next door to grandma's house! This has been a fun way for my children to become more connected to Miss Bindergarten and by taking her home with them, gives them (and their mommies and daddies) some journal writing practice.

In the blog entries that follow I will be including some of her adventures with my kindergarten kids as well as those that are sent to me by the classrooms she's visiting. This has been a wonderful three-year  project that I hope has been a learning experience for not only my students but those of the schools she's visited. I know I've learned a lot too!

Stay tuned! More adventures to follow!

K is for Kindergarten

Monday, January 3, 2011

Miss Update!

Hurray, Miss B is no longer lost...actually she never really was! Just quietly waiting for school to re-open after Christmas break.
She was safely delivered in Alabama and will be on her way to Colorado next! I'm sure she is having a wonderful time.
I'd like to take a quick moment to thank of all of you who have participated in her travels so far, and all of you who are still willing to host her. This is has been such a great experience for my kindergarten kids...and of course for me!

And now to update her travels!

After leaving Tennessee, Miss B made two stops in Georgia. First in Forsyth with Ms. Shipman's class.

Did you know Border Collies love cotton candy?
Miss B always remembers to brush!
Miss B is very handy with a putter!
Comfy and Cozy with her Teddy Friends!

She had a wonderful time!

After leaving Forsyth she was off to Martinez, GA to visit Ms. Colsh's pre-k class!

You can read all about her adventures in Martinez, by checking out little illuminations
  Ayn Colsh's blog.

Thanks again everyone!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miss B is Missing!

Hello Everyone,

Miss Bindergarten seems to have lost her way. She was last seen leaving Martinez, Georgia on her way to Citronelle, Alabama.

If anyone reading this knows Mary K. in Citronelle, please let her know Mrs. Collins' kindergarteners are looking for Miss B!

Thank you!