Monday, January 3, 2011

Miss Update!

Hurray, Miss B is no longer lost...actually she never really was! Just quietly waiting for school to re-open after Christmas break.
She was safely delivered in Alabama and will be on her way to Colorado next! I'm sure she is having a wonderful time.
I'd like to take a quick moment to thank of all of you who have participated in her travels so far, and all of you who are still willing to host her. This is has been such a great experience for my kindergarten kids...and of course for me!

And now to update her travels!

After leaving Tennessee, Miss B made two stops in Georgia. First in Forsyth with Ms. Shipman's class.

Did you know Border Collies love cotton candy?
Miss B always remembers to brush!
Miss B is very handy with a putter!
Comfy and Cozy with her Teddy Friends!

She had a wonderful time!

After leaving Forsyth she was off to Martinez, GA to visit Ms. Colsh's pre-k class!

You can read all about her adventures in Martinez, by checking out little illuminations
  Ayn Colsh's blog.

Thanks again everyone!


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