Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun with Kate!

Tuesday, November 22

Wow! I get to stay with Kate for the extra long Thanksgiving weekend! After school today we went with Kate's brother to their swim lessons. After dinner we read before bedtime. I had fun reading about me! I also noticed something funny today...I look just like Kate's dog Lucy!

November 23rd

Today was very busy at Kate's house. They were preparing for Thanksgiving. Food was being prepared and tables were being set. I helped Jack and Kate make place cards for their guests. At dinner time we went to Kate's cousins house. I had lots of fun playing with her cousins. We played dress up and put on dance shows. They have lots of energy! I was very tired by the time we went home.

November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving! Kate's grandparents took us to visit Kate's aunt, uncle and great grandmother. After a short visit we came back to home for turkey! Kate's grandparents, aunt and uncle and godmother with her boyfriend all came over for dinner. I had a special place next to Kate at the table. Dinner was so yummy. Everyone had a great time!

November 25th
We had a relaxing day today after the busy holiday, we did some cleaning up and took Lucy for a walk. I got to feed the ducks at the pond. After an early dinner we went downtown to see the Christmas tree lighting. There was singing and the tree looked so pretty.

November 26th

Today was a very big day! Kate's parents surprised Kate and her brother and took us to see The Nutcracker in Boston! We drove over the bridges and through the tunnel which is always very exciting to Kate's brother. We saw the show at the beautiful Opera House. The dancing was so beautiful. Kate was very excited to see the show because she is going to be in The Nutcracker next month with her dance school. She's going to be a lamb and she got to see them in the show. We had M&M's  at intermission and we went to Bertucci's for pizza.

November 27th
Another relaxing day with Kate's family. We took Lucy out again. Taking care of a dog is a lot of work! Kate's dad took us to Winter Island to play on the playground. We met Kate's grandparents for dinner. Kate's grandfather is going on a trip tomorrow so we got to see him before he leaves.

Gordon, Kate's Elf on the Shelf also arrived back to the Duda house. Kate and her brother were very excited to see him again. It's been almost a year since he's been here. He told me Jack and Kate have been very good, so Santa will be pleased. I had a very busy week. It was lots of fun. I can't wait to see where I go next!

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