Friday, April 9, 2010

Miss Bindergarten...

Get's ready to travel! She's almost packed and can't wait to get started.
For those of you unaware, Miss Bindergarten is a character in books written by Joseph Slate, and Illustrated by Ashley Wolff.

The idea of sending Miss Bindergarten on a whirl wind tour of the United States and beyond started with a simple question I asked my kindergarten kids. "If you could go anywhere in The World, where would you go?"
The answers were simple, and it quickly became very clear to me that my children have very limited geographic knowledge. I wanted to find a way to teach them that the world is bigger than the city they live in.
An idea came to me. Why not send Miss Bindergarten a character they all know, to other kindergarten classroom across the country?
So with the help of my blog, K is for Kindergarten and my Facebook fan page by the same name, I elicited the help of other kindergarten teachers. With the help of Miss Bindergarten herself, word spread quickly!
My blog started getting visits from all over the country, and my Facebook fan page blossomed to over 100 fans in just 2 days. My inbox erupted.
Miss Bindergarten will depart on her journey from Salem, Massachusetts and head west. First stop?

Las Vegas!

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